Air Force School, Bhuj

Activity- Budding Scientist

Date: 10 November 2021  


An activity of budding scientist was conducted on 10 Nov 2021 in Air Force School, Bhuj.

This initiative undertaken,  to make the students understand that science is fun. Under the guidance and motivation of their science teachers, students from classes VI to IX participated in this activitiy.

 The objective behind this activity was promoting interest in Science and Technology among children.  This activity helped children to develop the scientific temperament.

The activity was conducted during the CCA period. The science teachers have taken the responsibility of their respective classes. They guided students about the activity, and even suggested the topics also.

Students have shown the great interest towards this activity. They performed the activity in groups.

It was great opportunity for students to learn and implement their scientific knowledge.


Following teachers have taken the responsibility of activity-

1-Jyoti Srivastava

2- Sukriti Walli

3- Alka Mehta

4- Gauri Prashsthi


Students of class VI have prepared following models-

1-Types of motion

2-Ancient methods of measurement

3- Metric system


Students of class VII have prepared following models-

  • Soil profile
  • Difference between Arteries and veins
  • Excretion system
  • Types of thermometer
  • pH Chart

Students of class VII have also performed few activities-

  • To separate the various constituents of a soil sample into different layers.
  • Measuring the blood pressure


Students of class VIII have prepared following models-

  • Solar System
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Animal cell


Students of class IX have prepared following models-

  • Structure of Atom
  • Muscular tissue
  • Electric Motor
  • Work and energy



Students enthusiastically participated in the activity. They made interesting and innovative models.

Thus, with the help of this activity children got a chance to utilize their scientific knowledge. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity.


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